Decoration Day, Memorial Day, & Fallen Heroes – The Imaginative Conservative

By Peter Lawler

Memorial Day originates with the Civil War as “Decoration Day.”

Southern women took up the task of decorating the graves of what turns to have been hundreds and hundreds of thousands of their fallen heroes.

Theirs was highly civilized work—a duty maybe more Greek and Roman than Christian…

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Jordan Peterson ponders the Bible and consciousness after death | Voice

By Dan Delzell

You first place your faith in Christ as your Savior from sin, and then God begins to give you the assurance that your sins are forgiven and Heaven is your eternal home.

None of us would have a clue about Heaven or Hell apart from God revealing the truth to us in His Word. 

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Armed Feds Pay a Visit: Amish Farmer Faces Hundreds of Thousands in Fines

By Jack Gist

Amos Miller is an Amish farmer who runs a small farm and grows food the way he believes God intended. The feds shut him down.

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How Congress Undermines Constitution, Federalism

By James Buckley

The Constitution’s oft-flouted safeguards are the separation of powers, with checks on abuses, and federalism via the 10th Amendment.

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Propaganda, American Style: Cal Thomas

By Cal Thomas

A new office in the Biden administration should be considered a ministry of the worst kind of propaganda.

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Policing Speech? Not in America!

By Robert B. Charles

A government office to promote disinformation, but proposed to counter disinformation, was the invention of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1923. Stalin knew suppression. Apparently, so does the Biden White House . . . .

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COVID’s Depopulation Smoking Gun: Millions Sent Overseas As “COVID Relief” Were Used To Fund Abortion & Population Control – The Washington Standard

By Tim Brown

– The Washington Standard

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