Virtue: Can It Be Taught? ~ The Imaginative Conservative: Kirk

By Russell Kirk

Are there men and women in America today possessed of virtue sufficient to withstand and repel the forces of disorder?

Or have we, as a people, grown too fond of creature-comforts and a fancied security to venture our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor in any cause at all?

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About 400 Baptist churches in Ukraine ‘lost’ due to invasion | World News

By Michael Gryboski

Around 400 Baptist churches based in the occupied parts of Ukraine cease to exist as a result of the Russian invasion, according to a seminary president who lives in the Eastern European nation.

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Why Didn’t Akron Burn? | Opinion: Woodson

By Bob Woodson

Community leaders in Akron are showing the rest of America how to handle potentially volatile police-involved deaths.

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The Exodus From Public Schools: Cal Thomas

By Cal Thomas

Public schools, increasingly dominated by left-wing political and social ideology, have seen an exodus of students to other education options.

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Threat of Free Speech in the University: The Imaginative Conservative: Scruton

by Sir Roger Scruton

Free speech in a university is a very different thing from free speech in Congress or Parliament, freedom of the press, or free speech in the street

Hail Columbia, Happy Land: An Evangelical Southerner in 19th-Century Europe ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Miles Smith IV

Methodist minister Joseph Cross, a South Carolina native, traveled in Europe in the late 1850s, emerging as a nationalist committed to democracy, material progress, and enthusiastic Evangelical Protestantism…

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When People Greeted Each Other With Courtesy & Purpose ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By John Horvat

A greeting is an act of humility and a gesture of justice, in which we give respect and honor due to others for who they are.

Indeed, greetings constitute the fragrant perfume of a Christian civilization in which these things are valued…

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