Flannery O’Connor on Sin and Politics ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Darrell Falconburg

Flannery O’Connor understood that what is wrong with the world is not our failure to adhere to a certain political or economic program, as important as these may be.

Instead, what is wrong with the world is sin.

And so, the task for those of us who want to renew and preserve Western culture is not merely political — it is first moral and spiritual…

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Was Jesus’ Last Supper a Seder? – Biblical Archaeology Society

By Jonathan Klawans

Was Jesus’ Last Supper a Seder? – Biblical Archaeology Society

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Inscription, “Jesus, son of Mary,” found in Jezreel – Biblical Archaeology Society

By Jonathan Laden

Inscription, “Jesus, son of Mary,” found in Jezreel – Biblical Archaeology Society

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The Land of Salt? – Biblical Archaeology Society

By Nathan Steinmeyer

A team from the University of Haifa identified dozens of salt production installations in the immediate vicinity of the coastal city near modern Haifa, many of which had been used and reused for hundreds of years, between 200 B.C.E and 1300 C.E.

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Jordan officials reveals cause of water near Dead Sea turning red | World News

By Anugrah Kumar

After a body of water near the Dead Sea in Jordan recently turned red, the Jordan Valley Authority tested the water and offered a reason behind the change of its color.

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When it comes to education, charity can change lives: John Stossel

By John Stossel

Government-run schools fail kids. But private education made possible by charity can put kids on the path to a better future.

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A Tale of Two Homes and Two Statesmen ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Bruce Frohnen

Both Monticello and Mount Vernon are imposing estates.

Both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were imposing historical figures.

What do the homes tell us about the statesmen? Quite a bit, it turns out…

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