What Critics Don’t Understand About Limbaugh and His Fans: Cal Thomas

Conservatives got tired of being ignored or demonized. When Limbaugh came along accurately describing and promoting their beliefs, they flocked to him.
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Safari-Goer Spots Extremely Rare Black Leopard in India, and the Photos Are Stunning

In a jaw-dropping encounter, an Indian photographer caught on camera an extremely rare black leopard from just 30 …
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This Almost 150-Year-Old Great Wisteria in Japan Looks Like a ‘Pink Cloud’

Japan’s Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi is reportedly the only place in the world that has an almost …
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George Washington and the “Gift of Silence” ~ The Imaginative Conservative: By Stephen M. Klugewicz

By Stephen M. Klugewicz|February 21st, 2021|Categories: American Founding, American Republic, George Washington, Leadership, Stephen M. Klugewicz, Timeless Essays
— Read on theimaginativeconservative.org/2021/02/george-washington-gift-silence-stephen-klugewicz.html

Ohio principal urges staff, students to lobby for LGBT proposal – The Christian Post: By Ryan Foley

An Ohio school district has acknowledged that an assistant principal’s email directing teachers to encourage students to write letters to city council members in support of a local pro-LGBT non-discrimination proposal was “not appropriate.” 
— Read on www.christianpost.com/news/ohio-principal-urges-staff-students-to-lobby-for-lgbt-proposal.html

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