On Teaching, Writing, and Other Discontents ~ The Imaginative Conservative: Mark Malvasi

By Mark Malvasi

Teaching at a time when civilization is in such obvious disarray and such marked decline imposes even more stringent and pressing obligations on the teacher.

I have reached the conclusion that what American teachers must do is really very basic: Teach young men and women how to read and write, how to imagine beyond themselves, their experiences, their lives, and their world, and, if we are fortunate, how to think…

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‘The Lowest Odds of Divorce’ Are among Religious Young Adults Who Don’t Cohabitate: Research – Michael Foust

By Michael Foust

The Lowest Odds of Divorce’ Are among Religious Young Adults Who Don’t Cohabitate: Research by Michael Foust – Christian breaking news commentary.

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Seattle police arrest street preacher for reading the Bible | U.S. News

By Anugrah Kumar

Seattle police arrested a street preacher on charges of being a risk to public safety for reading his Bible aloud at a public park near an LGBT pride event.

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Want to Stop Mass Shootings? Bring Back the Father! ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By John Horvat

In almost every single shooter case, a true Christian father is missing.

By his example and counsel, the Christian father directs the boy to channel his energies and emotions into manly pursuits and virtuous action.

Indeed, the devoted father provides society with a balanced young man who will defend society from attacks…

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The 1619 Project & the Battleground of History ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Mark Malvasi

Nikole Hannah-Jones is right and wrong. Although the first slaves arrived in Jamestown in 1619, the year and the event carry less significance than she imagines.

Although neither deceptive nor careless, she is uninterested in facts in a conventional sense.

Her principal objective is not to understand the past but to rebuke the present and, if possible, to change the future…

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Two-thirds of Christians don’t know how to share the Gospel | Church & Ministries News

By Nichole Alcindor

Most American Christians want to share their faith, but only a minority of them have actively encouraged others to embrace Jesus Christ, according to new data released by Lifeway Research.

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Op-Ed: There Are 2 Things Christians Need to Remember on This Memorial Day

By Greg Laurie

Let’s pray that God would heal our land.

Let’s honor those who have fought the good fight by doing the same in the ways we can.

— Read on www.westernjournal.com/op-ed-2-things-christians-need-remember-memorial-day/

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