Federal Drug Policy: A Constant Failure | PolicyEd: Milton Friedman

Published: April 08, 2021 Federal drug policy has changed very little over the years. Its focus remains one of criminalization of all aspects of drug policy. Yet drugs are still readily available and crime rates remain high. After 40 years of concentrating on an approach that has been unsuccessful, we should be willing to take a look at other ways of working to solve this
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Wealthy and Woke – American Greatness: Victor Davis Hanson

Ed Bastian makes $17 million a year as chief executive officer of Delta Airlines, Georgia’s largest employer. Bastian just blasted Georgia’s new voting law.
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Judge sides with Christian club in Michigan university lawsuit – The Christian Post: Emily Wood

A federal court ruled on Monday to protect a Christian student organization that had its official student club status revoked by a Michigan university for requiring its leaders to adhere to its statement of faith. University officials will be held liable for discriminating against the club.
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Andy Ngo, Journalist Who Covers Antifa, Reveals Why He Left the United States: Jack Phillips

Journalist Andy Ngo, who for years has been documenting the anarcho-communist group Antifa, revealed why he left the …
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The Dangers of a Woke Military ~ The Imaginative Conservative: Shaun Rieley

It is utterly shocking that the Department of Defense would target a private citizen for voicing an opinion, and then celebrate its attack using words that would ordinarily be reserved for enemies of the country. When it attempts to “smite” citizens for the mere act of questioning a matter of public policy, the military moves into shockingly dangerous territory… (essay by Shaun Rieley)
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The Revealed & the Hidden: Reconceiving Western Civilization ~ The Imaginative Conservative: Simon P. Kennedy

What is most needed at this hour is a retrieval of the sources which shaped the Western imagination. Returning to our Christian, Greek, and Roman roots, and examining the texts and ideas which provided the foundation for the remarkable civilisation that spread across the European continent could bear real fruit in strengthening our ailing cultures… (essay by Simon P. Kennedy)
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