Judge rules against Christian baker in transgender cake case | U.S. News | The Christian Post: Michael Gryboski

A judge has ruled that Colorado Christian baker Jack Phillips violated state anti-discrimination law by refusing to bake a pink-and-blue transgender birthday cake.
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SCOTUS sides with Christian foster agency in Philly LGBT case | Politics News | The Christian Post: Michael Gryboski

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the city of Philadelphia can’t exclude a Catholic charity from its foster program because the organization won’t place children with same-sex couples in accordance with religious beliefs. 
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Among the Paynim: Jalaludin Rumi and the Sufi’s Riddle – The Imaginative Conservative: Stephen Masty

We are each so wrapped up in earthly desires that you may miss a sunset cloudbank that no one else in town bothers to notice, which God created just for you and you alone to see today—just to tell you that He is still here and that He loves you. Did you see that bird in your garden this morning? Nobody else did: was it merely an accident or was God trying again to reach and delight you? (essay by Stephen Masty)
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