America’s “Logres”: The Mythology of a Nation ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Raymond Docupil

C.S. Lewis believed that every nation possesses what he called a “haunting,” a “Logres,” which baptizes it with a unique inner life. What, or where, is America’s Logres?

Who is the mythological hero that could guide the American identity the way Arthur guided Britain and inspired generations of English poets and artists?

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American Burke: The Uncommon Liberalism of Daniel Patrick Moynihan ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Greg Weiner

Touched by experience with a sense of the tragic in politics, Daniel Patrick Moynihan nonetheless clung to a stubborn optimism about its possibilities.

But those possibilities were bounded by a defining feature of Moynihan’s politics: limitation.

There were limits to what government could do and, more important, limits to how it should attempt to do it…

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A Toilet Fit for a King? – Biblical Archaeology Society

By Nathan Steinmeyer

While carrying out excavations on a 2,700-year-old palatial estate in Jerusalem, a team of archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority came across a surprising and rather unusual find: a private toilet.

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‘Facebook Knows’ That Instagram Is Toxic for Teenagers, Whistleblower Tells Senators – Michael Foust

By Michael Foust

Facebook executives are hiding research that shows Instagram is toxic for young people and especially for teen girls, a former Facebook employee told a Senate committee Tuesday.

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The Plight of the Conservative Artist in a Liberal World ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Kay Clarity

The left has long understood the power of the arts in furthering radical ideas, in a way conservatives have largely failed to grasp in defending theirs.

Conservatives with the financial means must increase their support of conservative artists for the sake of a culture in immediate need of the wisdom that a long intellectual, cultural, educational, and political conservative tradition has produced… 

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Edgar Allan Poe and the Mask of the 20th Century ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By David Gosselin

The name Edgar Allan Poe conjures images of the macabre, murder, insanity, and self-destruction, but is this the real Edgar Poe? 

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God ‘Hasn’t Given Up’ on the United States, Senator Says of Comparison to Sodom – Michael Foust

By Michael Foust

God ‘Hasn’t Given Up’ on the United States, Senator Says of Comparison to Sodom – Christian breaking news commentary.

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