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O Brave New Disney World: Progressivism & Utopianism ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Dwight Longenecker The next utopia will simply be a new way of life—a “new world order” if you like. It will guarantee the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people through progress and pragmatic solutions. Moral considerations will not apply. — Read… Continue Reading “O Brave New Disney World: Progressivism & Utopianism ~ The Imaginative Conservative”

“A War of Righteousness”: The Disillusionment of Ernest Hemingway ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Miles Smith Ernest Hemingway lived and breathed American religious nationalism. But the experience of war caused him to lose his faith in the American nation he inherited from the progressive Protestant establishment… — Read on theimaginativeconservative.org/2014/11/war-righteousness-disillusionment-hemingway.html

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