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Ken Ham Skeptical That Noah’s Ark Has Been Discovered: ‘This Isn’t a New Find’ – Michael Foust

By Michael Foust Christian author and apologist Ken Ham is expressing skepticism about a headline-grabbing claim that the site of Noah’s Ark has been found in Turkey, near the border of Iran.–Christian breaking news commentary. — Read on http://www.christianheadlines.com/contributors/michael-foust/ken-ham-skeptical-that-noahs-ark-has-been-discovered-this-isnt-a-new-find.html

3D scans match ‘biblical’ requirements of of Noah’s Ark in Turkey | World News

By Anugrah Kumar Biblical archaeologists say they have discovered a boat-like formation matching the biblical description of Noah’s Ark as they used a ground-penetrating radar at a rocky spot in eastern Turkey that some speculated to be the location of the original vessel. —… Continue Reading “3D scans match ‘biblical’ requirements of of Noah’s Ark in Turkey | World News”

Ark Encounter to build expansion featuring Tower of Babel | U.S. News | The Christian Post

By Anugrah Kumar — Read on http://www.christianpost.com/news/ark-encounter-to-build-expansion-featuring-tower-of-babel.html

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