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Male Pastor Fired After Coming Out as Transgender, Now Suing Church After Congregation Voted to Fire Him

By Isa Cox, The Western Journal The Rev. Joplin was hired when he was living as a man but now is suing the church, claiming discrimination. — Read on ijr.com/male-pastor-fired-after-coming-out-as-transgender-now-suing-church-after-congregation-voted-to-fire-him/

Persecution: Government Helicopter Discovers Church’s ‘Unauthorized’ Gathering, Pastor Arrested: by Isa Cox

By Isa Cox This is the stuff of tyranny and totalitarianism, not Western-style democracy. Yet here we are. Pastors getting arrested for holding church. — Read on http://www.westernjournal.com/persecution-government-helicopter-discovers-churchs-unauthorized-gathering-pastor-arrested/

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