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Hail, Christopher Columbus! ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Bradley Birzer The once-radical belief that Christopher Columbus was evil has sadly become mainstream. But Columbus was a brave and tenacious explorer—flawed, of course, like every man—who expanded the knowledge of the Old World, changing it and the New World forever… — Read… Continue Reading “Hail, Christopher Columbus! ~ The Imaginative Conservative”

The Observations of a Lioness: A Review of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s ‘Prey’ – Ricochet

By Henry Castaigne — Read on ricochet.com/1009279/the-observations-of-a-lioness-a-review-of-ayaan-hirsi-alis-prey/

The heart of europe vs the new colonialism

oday, Europe’s heroic heart—Poland, Hungary, and the Czech and Slovak republics—is again being attacked, this time by the forces of globalism, as the imperialists of the European Union seek to force these small but courageous countries to embrace the lunacy of cancel culture.

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