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Confucianism: Conservatism of the East – The Imaginative Conservative

By Jonathan Chaves How close are Confucian ideas to the American conservatism of our day? Confucius himself is known in Chinese tradition as the “Model Sage for Ten Thousand Ages.” Thus, Confucius and his disciples and later followers held that there are indeed “permanent… Continue Reading “Confucianism: Conservatism of the East – The Imaginative Conservative”

Confucian Proper Order and the Commonwealth—TIC

Confucius The illustrious ancients, when they wished to make clear and to propagate the highest virtues in the world, put their states in proper order. Before putting their states in proper order, they regulated their families. Before regulating their families… they perfected their souls.… Continue Reading “Confucian Proper Order and the Commonwealth—TIC”

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