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Want to Stop Mass Shootings? Bring Back the Father! ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By John Horvat In almost every single shooter case, a true Christian father is missing. By his example and counsel, the Christian father directs the boy to channel his energies and emotions into manly pursuits and virtuous action. Indeed, the devoted father provides society… Continue Reading “Want to Stop Mass Shootings? Bring Back the Father! ~ The Imaginative Conservative”

Caring About Home ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Collin Pruitt People in my hometown of Galveston, Texas don’t have a superb explanation or philosophy for their city. It’s just their home. It’s a beautiful place with a beautiful history. Statues still stand. The streets are largely clean; the police take care… Continue Reading “Caring About Home ~ The Imaginative Conservative”

Can Evangelicals Get Along? ~ The Imaginative Conservative

By Louis Markos How are evangelicals to navigate the current storms while remaining faithful to biblical truth and Christian compassion? How can we engage in true Christian dialogue without immediately pigeonholing our fellow evangelicals politically, or questioning their “true” motives, or holding them to… Continue Reading “Can Evangelicals Get Along? ~ The Imaginative Conservative”

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