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Violence and Savagery ~ The Imaginative Conservative: By Mark Malvasi

By Mark Malvasi — Read on theimaginativeconservative.org/2021/04/violence-savagery-mark-malvasi.html

What Did the Founders Say About the 2nd Amendment?

FromILoveMyRights.com What Did The FOUNDERS Say About The 2nd Amendment? Pt.1 With the Democrat agenda to dismantle the Constitution well underway, it seems like an opportune time to go back over what the 2nd Amendment says. What was meant by the writers of it?… Continue Reading “What Did the Founders Say About the 2nd Amendment?”

Watch a Dramatic Use of a Gun in Self-Defense That Didn’t Make News: By Amy Swearer

A man patrolling his employer’s property, confronted by an apparent carjacker, draws his legally carried firearm and subdues the stranger. — Read on http://www.dailysignal.com/2021/02/11/watch-a-dramatic-use-of-a-gun-in-self-defense-that-didnt-make-news/

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