Dr. Bob Calls Out Negative Tactics

CLEARWATER, FL – Dr. Bob Cundiff, who’s running for reelection to the Clearwater City Council, is saddened to see the negative campaigning taking place in some of the races.

One of Dr. Bob’s loyal supporters Holly

Thirteen candidates for three seats in Clearwater are vying for votes in the remaining days before the March 17th election, which coincides with the Democratic presidential primary. Four candidates are running for Seat 1 for mayor, five for open Seat 2 and four for Seat 3 now occupied by Dr. Cundiff for the past four years. In his race, Dr. Cundiff is the only candidate who’s held an elective office in Clearwater.

“A number of inexcusable campaign incidents have occurred lately that I consider hitting below the belt,” said Dr. Cundiff. “I ask all candidates and those who support them to take the high road and comport themselves in an ethical manner.

“I’ve endeavored to run a positive campaign about my tenure as a City Councilmember and goals for the future,” he added.

Dr. Cundiff is best known for being the only Councilmember to vote against raising the millage rate on property taxes and for deciding at the outset of the election not to post any of the unsightly and non-recyclable yard signs.

He’s also the only Councilmember to visit all sections of Clearwater more than 30 times in his four-year tenure to host meet-and-greet sessions with residents. In addition, Dr. Cundiff has never missed a Council meeting.

“I sincerely hope for the sake of unity in our city that these low-handed acts cease,” Dr. Cundiff stated. “It’s bad enough to witness all the negativism and partisanship in our national elections – we just don’t need that in Clearwater.”

For more info about Dr. Cundiff’s campaign, visit DrBobCundiff.com.

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