Dr. Bob Calls Out Hypocrisy

CLEARWATER, FL – In the field of 13 candidates running this March for three seats on the five-member Clearwater City Council, only one chose to not utilize yard signs.

“Yard signs are made of a type of all-weather plastic that can last up to 1,000 years,” said Dr. Bob Cundiff, who’s running for reelection to Seat 3. 

His point: How can a candidate on one hand claim to be concerned with open green spaces and the environment, and then plant hundreds of unsightly yard signs on busy streets and in neighborhoods?

“It’s hypocritical,” he claims.  

With 12 candidates vying for elective office besides Cundiff, that equates to nearly six months of thousands of the signs cluttering Clearwater’s roadways.

History has shown that few candidates retrieve their signs after elections, leaving that chore up to traffic personnel.

Adding to the visual degradation is the fact that the department in Clearwater regulating traffic matters stated that yard signs cannot be recycled.

Here’s the video Dr. Bob recorded last October: https://youtu.be/z5Qe-GOsiIQ

Accordingly, Dr. Cundiff decided at the outset of his campaign in November that he was against using yard signs, and hoped other candidates would follow suit.

Instead, the campaign signs have mushroomed in the front windows of homes and businesses throughout Clearwater.

If you would like some of these biodegradable indoor window signs, let me know!

“As a long-time Clearwater resident, I want our city to remain beautiful without the muddle of thousands of yard signs, even for the duration of the campaigning,” Dr. Cundiff said.

“Candidates had to make a choice: Do what’s in the best interest of fellow citizens or do what’s best for your politic interest. I made my choice.”

Up for election are Seats 1, 2 & 3 in the nonpartisan race. Election Day is March 17, 2020, with mail ballots also available at mailballot@votepinellas.com or call 727-484-8683.

Dr. Bob Cundiff is the only incumbent seeking reelection. For more information about his campaign, go to DrBobCundiff.com or call him at 727-282-4505.

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