Dr. Bob, Follower of Jesus

Since Dr. Bob’s youth–a bit older than young Bob in this photo with his dad–Dr. Bob has been a follower of Jesus Christ.

When he was about eight or nine, he realized, even at that young age, that he was a sinner, and that Jesus died for him. He trusted that moment, and believes he became a child of God, through faith in Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross. “I became one of those ‘born-again’ Christians,” Dr. Bob said.

Young Dr. Bob, known as Bobby then, with his Dad, Stanley, a bookkeeper for Gulf Oil Corporation.
Stan Cundiff died in 1954.

He’s never looked back since. Always forward. When he was nine, his dad, Stanley Cundiff, at 44, died of a heart attack. Dr. Bob believes that one day, he and his dad will be reunited in heaven.

His spiritual job, as Dr. Bob sees it, is to spread the Good News of what Jesus has done for him. He attended a Bible College and Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis, studying for what Dr. Bob calls, “God’s Work.”

His understanding is that all Christians, including him, are to be busy in God’s vineyard, and do what God leads them to do. One of Dr. Bob’s joys in life is telling others of what Jesus has done for him.

For Dr. Bob, it was a career, 25 years, teaching in Christian colleges, including Clearwater Christian College for 19 of those years. He also taught at his Alma Mater, Pillsbury Baptist Bible College, in Owatonna, Minnesota.

Everyone who really knows Bob, knows that he is a man of the Book–the Bible. Dr. Bob joined the Gideons International a few years ago. The Gideons place the Bibles in hotels and motels, and distribute God’s Word personally throughout the world–more than two billion copies in the past century. “We also tell others of what God has done in our lives,” said Dr. Bob.

For the past twenty years, Dr. Bob’s been a member of Lakeside Community Chapel, in Clearwater, a church well-known for it’s Verse-by-Verse Bible teaching messages by its pastor, Steven Kreloff.

“I don’t wear my Christianity on my sleeve,” said Dr. Bob. “The Bible says that Jesus ‘went around doing good.’ That’s what I try to do every day.”

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