Nova Southeastern University Opens Campus in Clearwater

Where the campus of Clearwater Christian College stood for 49 years, graduating more than 3000 students in it history, a new campus arose this past two years, and today was the ribbon-cutting for Nova Southeastern University, a beautiful new regional campus in the Tampa Bay area. Two of the school’s local benefactors, Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel, were honored for their generosity.

This photo includes a number of local officials, including Mayor George Cretekos, Vice Mayor Dr. Bob Cundiff, Clearwater City Manager William Horne, Kevin Dunbar, Karen Seel, Jane Castor, Joe Ayoub, and Nancy Besore. Nova Southeastern’s president, George Hanbury II is also central in the photo, as he was in the program which preceeded.

Nova Southeastern has five colleges and several schools on this campus. Largely but not exclusively a medical training university, it brings 1000 jobs to Clearwater. Having moved from its Tampa campus, many faculty and staff will relocate to Clearwater. Thousands of students will be attending this school, which has already opened with classes during the summer.

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