Statement to Clearwater Voters by Clearwater City Council Member Bob Cundiff

The last question on the ballot for Clearwater voters on Nov. 6 is very important: Do we change from our present council-manager form of government, whereby a five-member council makes most policy decisions and directs an executive city manager to run the City; or do we switch to a mayor-council form, whereby the city council maintains its legislative role, and the mayor becomes the chief executive of the city, with limited checks and balances, making most policy decisions, and appointing an administrator to run the City?

Some of my colleagues on the Clearwater City Council have publicly taken positions on the matter, and that’s certainly their right to do so.

From the beginning, however, I have maintained a position of neutrality, so voters can determine the pros and cons on their own, without any lobbying or campaigning on my part. This is not borne out of being indecisive, but instead from a desire for Clearwater voters to determine the fate of how decisions are made in our City without undue influence.

You may reach out to me any time to discuss any issues you may have, including pros and cons of executive mayor. But on this issue, as I have said from the beginning, if you don’t want to see an executive mayor, vote no and tell others to vote no. If you want to see an executive mayor, vote yes and tell others to do the same. It is not right for me to tell you how I’m going to vote; it’s not right for me to encourage you to vote one way or the other. I do encourage you to vote.

I am committed to carrying forth my duties as a City Council Member no matter what form of government the citizens of Clearwater choose on Nov. 6.

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