Reelect Dr. Bob to Clearwater City Council, Seat 3

Dr. Bob Cundiff

Vote to reelect Dr. Bob Cundiff to Seat 3, Clearwater City Council

Hi, I’m Dr. Bob Cundiff. I’m the Vice Mayor of Clearwater and running for a second term on Clearwater City Council. I’m a Christian, a college professor, and a 23-year resident of Clearwater.

I’ve been the lone vote when it came to the best interests of residents and the lone vote against raising the millage rate on property taxes. 

At the same time, I will work with anyone or any group that has the best interests of all of Clearwater in mind. I might add that I have no affiliation with the Church of Scientology. I am a 20-year member of Lakeside Community Chapel in Clearwater.

My main purpose and goal as a Council Member is to see that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. We work each year to pass the nearly 1/2 billion dollar budget, including the operating and capital improvement budgets.

Since the Clearwater City Council is a legislative body, with my colleagues I help pass ordinances that will benefit Clearwater residents and businesses.

Furthermore, I enjoy helping my constituents resolve issues that sometimes get held up by the bureaucracy of city government. We council members work closely with the City Manager, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the city, including nearly 2000 full and part time employees–and hundreds of volunteers.

I am the voice for the taxpayer, the property owner, the elderly–everyone, since all deserve honest representation. 

Living by the highest standards of integrity and morality, I respectfully request your support and vote for re-election to the Clearwater City Council.


  • Voted against raising property taxes/millage rate
  • Hosted 30 meet/greet forums with residents at five city libraries
  • Opposed unsuitable development near neighborhoods
  • NEVER missed a City Council session
  • Sees that your taxpayer dollars are spent wisely
  • Serves on Pension Advisory Committee, City Audit Committee

I Serve You

  • Voice for you–residents, property and business owners, young and young at heart, immigrants
  • Highest standards of integrity; ready to listen to your ideas
  • Concerned with people & environment: Serves on Tampa Bay Estuary Board, Homeless Leadership Alliance, Pinellas School Transportation Safety Committee
  • Clearwater is my family—I serve you!

Dr. Bob Cundiff

  • Professor 23 yrs St. Petersburg College, Clearwater Christian College
  • PhD, Southern Illinois University
  • 727-282-4505
  • Facebook: Bob Cundiff, Keep Dr. Bob on the Job, Bob Cundiff, Clearwater City Council
  • @drbcundiff
  • LinkedIn: Dr. Bob Cundiff

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